Islands: An Epicurean’s Adventure in Old San Juan Begins at Caribe Hilton

Wednesday 17th May, 2023

Caribe Hilton is not only the birthplace of the piña colada, but it also serves as a gateway to the…

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Islands: 20 Great Ways to have the Best Adult Spring Break of Your Life

Friday 10th March, 2023

Soaking up the sun on a tropical beach in March or April doesn’t have to mean a rowdy party scene—there…

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Barleycorn Drinks: COCKTAIL CONTROVERSY! The Case For A Piña Colada Reboot

Thursday 19th January, 2023

Revisit a classic cocktail with Caribe Hilton’s Ramón “Monchito” Marrero’s O.G. recipe for the iconic Piña Colada that smells and…

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Trazee Travel: Summer Cocktails from Around the World

Monday 4th July, 2022

Summer is the best time to relax with a delicious cocktail — especially outside! Hotels around the world shared some…

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Forbes: Where To Eat And Drink In San Juan, Puerto Rico Right Now

Wednesday 19th January, 2022

Visiting Puerto Rico as an American always feels like some sort of secret: you’ve arrived in positively paradise and you…

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City & Shore Magazine: Vacation in a Glass (or Plastic Cup)

Thursday 14th October, 2021

There’s something undeniably lovable about the Piña Colada and the power it has to remind us of the relaxing state…

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