Hacienda Buena Vista Coffee Plantation

In 1833 a Spaniard who emigrated from Venezuela to Puerto Rico purchased a large parcel of fertile land in the hills north of Ponce. He built a lovely two-story main house, slave quarters, farm buildings and processing areas. The hacienda soon became a major producer of coffee, corn and other products. His son and grandson introduced some of the most innovative farm machinery on the island, powered by a nearby 100-foot waterfall.

A series of hurricanes and the failing coffee market brought operations to a standstill by 1900, and gradually Hacienda Buena Vista fell into disrepair and was abandoned. In 1984, the Conservation Trust purchased and lovingly restored it.

A visit to the farm today is a journey into the past. It is a “working” coffee plantation that recaptures rural life in 19th century Puerto Rico. The impressive machines are once again in motion. Farm animals roam the grounds and the fully furnished rooms seem ready for their occupants to return at any moment. The scent of freshly roasted, freshly brewed coffee fills the air.


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