Puerto Rico Tours & Excursions

Angels Cave

This journey into the forest begins via a thrilling Tyrolean, followed by a 200-foot rappel into the enormous mouth of the Angeles Sinkhole. This is only the beginning! In Angels Cave's enormous chambers, you will witness the pristine clarity of natural pools and striking calcite formations, a gallery of speleological wonders. This is followed by…
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Toro Negro Forest & Lookout Tower

This fantastic natural forest is unique from others with impressive panoramic views, waterfalls, small creeks, a man-made fresh water lake, and migratory birds to watch. The park is managed by State's Natural Resources Department. Toro Negro has several hiking trails for walking with proper shoes. Some snack food and refreshments purveyors area available in its…
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Luquillo Beach

For generations families have made the trek from San Juan and all over the eastern region for a day at Luquillo Beach. A vacation in Puerto Rico was considered incomplete without a visit to this well-loved place on the coast. The view from the beach is spectacular: a long gold crescent of sand lined by…
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Gilligan’s Island – a secluded paradise

How would you like to have your own little island, just for you, your family, and friends? On Gilligan's Island you can be king or queen for a day and rule over white sand beaches, mazes of mangroves, and crystalline waters. Think sun, think picnic, but especially think snorkeling. The shallow waters around the island…
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Hacienda Buena Vista Coffee Plantation

In 1833 a Spaniard who emigrated from Venezuela to Puerto Rico purchased a large parcel of fertile land in the hills north of Ponce. He built a lovely two-story main house, slave quarters, farm buildings and processing areas. The hacienda soon became a major producer of coffee, corn and other products. His son and grandson…
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El Yunque Rainforest

The Caribbean National Forest, often called El Yunque Rainforest, has the highest visitation of any natural site in Puerto Rico. When you see it, you'll easily understand why. Named after the benevolent Indian spirit Yuquiyu, El Yunque is the only rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System. Comprised of some 240 different species of trees,…
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Guanica’s Dry Forest

Meet the Guánica Dry Forest Reserve: 10,000 acres of dry land inhabited by over 600 uncommon types of plants and animals, including 48 endangered species and 16 that are unique to Puerto Rico! This is a surprisingly captivating terrain, splashed with pastel colors and bursting with wildlife. Nature's creative touch is just as enthralling in…
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Arecibo Radio Telescope & Observatory

In the northwest mountains of the island, nestled among the karst-country hills, is the Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory, or Radio Telescope, the largest of its kind and one of the most important research facilities on the face of the earth. The huge dish-more than a dozen football fields could fit inside-sits in a sinkhole and is…
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Camuy River Cave Park

There are only two other places in the world where you will find a cave system as massive or dramatic as the Río Camuy Cave Park - and neither of them has a tropical underground river thundering through it! Only a small part of the complex is open to the public: three crater-like sinkholes and…
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Bioluminescent Bays

Imagine the blackness of the sea on a moonless night. Now watch it sparkle with the darting lights of a million fireflies. Nature lovers will not want to miss the phenomenal experience of visiting a tropical phosphorescent bay! The phosphorescence is actually bioluminescence generated by microscopic organisms in the water. It is believed to be…
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Canyoning / White Water Rafting / Zip-linng

Canyoning resembles caving in many ways, but "canyoneers" jump, climb and rappel down open air sheer cliffs along the rushing waters of Puerto Rico's rivers. Ride the waterfalls and experience the thrill of "canyoning" in rarely visited areas near El Yunque rainforest. Overcome white water rapids and sheer cliffs by rappelling along waterfalls, crossing four…
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The canoe and Puerto Rico have shared a special historic relationship as it is said that the island's first Indian settlers probably arrived in dugout canoes a few thousand years ago. Enhanced by this history, canoeing on the ever abundant local waters has become one of Puerto Rico's most fun, interesting and relaxing activities of…
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Whether you are the serious or leisure hiker Puerto Rico’s renowned forests’ the El Yunque and the Gunica Dry Forest offer marked trails and roads that will take you to majestic crags and rushing waterfalls. Enjoy the diverse hiking experiences of these forests with El Yunque’s lush green, jungle-like atmosphere and cascading waterfalls to Gunica…
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Puerto Rico Tours and Excursions

From easy leisurely drives and walks to serious hiking, rock climbing and kayaking, the nature lover and adventure traveler can find it all in Puerto Rico.
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